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Welcome To L'il Champs International School

About Us

L'il Champ (Managed By Kamla Devi Shikshan Sansthan) believes that every school can become a "Learning Organization" by bringing in a collaborative culture and dynamic practices in the school system. Lil Champ provides many products and services for schools to enable them to utilize technology effectively. Smart class, the Instructor-led education solution for private schools has brought about a revolution in teaching learning process by providing a comprehensive content repository in schools to help students learn better.
L'il Champ's QUEST (Quality Education for Students and Teachers) program is based on the core premise that every school can become a "Learning Organization" by bringing in a collaborative culture and dynamic practices in the school system. Our QUEST program provides multi-fold services to help schools to reflect on their current reality and reach highest level of effectiveness. From training programs to whole school development projects, we have services and solutions for all stakeholders in the education set up.

Mr. Gopal Yadav

"It is a school founded on academic excellence and committed to providing our students with a solid educational foundation that will carry them through a lifetime of learning."

On behalf of the entire community, welcome to L.C.I. S. I hope that the information on this website will provide you with a brief overview of how we are and what we believe is important in educating boys and girls. Of course, no look into L.C.I.S. is complete without walking through our beautiful campus and meeting the students and faculty who make our school such a


Ms Suman Yadav

"Like faith a great education is empty of it does not affect the way we live our life"

Best described in Tennyson's, Ulysses... Describe to fallow knowledge like a sinking scar beyond the almost bound of human thought is the purest way of acquiring knowledge & this is what we fore see for our L'il Champs International School. It is the high expectation & aspiration to do well that arte the strong motivators that make us push ourselves to achieve our full


Art & Craft

An Art & Craft is a fun or leisure activity which L.C.I.S. conducts on routine base. Utility items by waste material are the main motto of it. Teachers are not only giving knowledge they also developing creative ideas in kids mind. In this way we can find creative thoughts.


Healthy body develop healthy mind for this fact every year L.C.I.S. arrange Annual Sports Meet. Students of Nursery to class VIII participate in different outdoor game. Sports can maintain stamina and Physical strength Number of medals are provide to students to encourage them.

Music & Dance

Inside each of the child is an artist, we can groom, easily by giving a little effort from our side. To prove this thing L.C.I.S. arrange a music and dance period form each class Music period is also allotted to each class, where student can learn different instrument Music and Dance teacher always focus on individual child to improve their talent.

Health Care

Every year L.C.I.S. arranges a Medical camp in all the branches. Doctors form Rukmani Birla Hospital examined all the students as a routine check-up. They provided special guide line to parents also regarding kid’s diet plan and growth. L.C.I.S. always taking care of Hygiene and cleanliness Teachers always takes care of it.