Principal Message

"Like faith a great education is empty if it does not affect the way we lives our lives"

Best described in Tennyson's, Ulysses... Describe to fallow knowledge like a sinking scar beyond the almost bound of human thought is the purest way of acquiring knowledge & this is what we fore see for our L'il Champs International School.

It is the high expectation & aspiration to do well that arte the strong motivators that make us push ourselves to achieve our full potential. We are all in it together which mean we will be pushing the values of perseverance, responsibility, honesty & commitment taking charge of our lives, doing what we say and making success happen when we make a mistake we do not surrender to self-doubt but every mistake is an opportunity to leave get it right second time round.

World they are a part of. We believe that taking part is a key element in team sprits, school events & life in general so be it academic activities, cultural, sports our children do not hesitate to participate - bringing about all round development. We provide opportunity and set expectation to see our champies fostering the belief that what is worth doing, otherwise it is a waste of time.

The importance of a dearly defined disciplinary framework is especially essential in today's world. Our kids respond well where there is a consistent fair minded approach to discipline backed up by effective care & support which is provided in abundance here at L.C.I.S. we have a strong earning culture & a sense of commitment & we demonstratively value students by celebrating their achievement & by treating them fairly & with respect.

Extracurricular activities sports drama, music, debating, cultural groups all make a significant contribution our kids veins of our school.

All the we have nothing is possible without the right guidance & support for which I am ever grateful to my management, Mr. Kana Ram Yadav, Mr. Gopal Yadav, Mrs. Saroj Yadav & Mr. B.S. Yadav who at all times have stood by me.

All that we have achieved has been possible only with the support of all staff - I would like to acknowledge and thank all staff for tirelessly working towards the success story that we calibrate both in academics & extracurricular activities.

To all parents thank you for your trust & support.
To my students I ask you to remember that "you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem & smarter than you think."
To my sub staff.

"May Gayatri Maa and Guru Dev bless each of you..."

Ms Suman Yadav