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About Us

Lil Champ believes that every school can become a "Learning Organization" by bringing in a collaborative culture and dynamic practices in the school system. Lil Champ provides many products and services for schools to enable them to utilize technology effectively.
Smart class, the Instructor-led education solution for private schools has brought about a revolution in teaching learning process by providing a comprehensive content repository in schools to help students learn better. Lil Champ's QUEST (Quality Education for Students and Teachers) program is based on the core premise that every school can become a "Learning Organization" by bringing in a collaborative culture and dynamic practices in the school system.
Our QUEST program provides multi-fold services to help schools to reflect on their current reality and reach highest level of effectiveness. From training programs to whole school development projects, we have services and solutions for all stakeholders in the education set up.
Our Whole School Development program is built on the premise that every school can improve if its culture and organizational policies are in synch with the vision and mission of the school.
The Millennium Learning System is an integrated learning delivery framework for the entire school ecosystem. It has been developed to bring in best international practices into the classroom and to know What Works best in the current scenario. We have also blended it harmoniously with the unique requirements of the student of today, who simultaneously needs to excel in a competitive world and also needs holistic envelope of relevant 21st century life skills. The Lil Champ 03 program is offered to schools as a comprehensive one-stop solution and includes all the essential components that schools need to make an effective transition to this new age learning.

Lil Champ provides schools with a basket of the solutions that include:
Laptops for teachers with special teaching tools developed for one on one teaching and learning.
The 03 learning system that includes comprehensive facilitators Guide Books to help them integrate 03 in their day-to-day teaching in school.
Intensive teacher training to help teachers work with the system and ongoing hand-holding support.
A training Manual and Learning Wheel to spin and strategies.
Curriculum based digital resources for use in 03.
All supporting equipment and infrastructure including routers, servers, and networking.

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