Working at The L.C.I.S.

At The L.C.I.S. we believe in recruiting empowered teachers, who are reflective decision makers, who find joy in learning and in investigating the teaching-learning process - ones who view learning as construction and teaching as a facilitating process to enhance and enrich development.

The role of teachers at the L.C.I.S. and the individual rationale for becoming a teacher must encompass all three of the tenets below:

1. Deep love for children

2. Passionate interest in a certain field of knowledge

3. Positive and warm attitude

To fulfil our vision for The L.C.I.S., we are seeking qualified applicants for the following positions:

1. Nursery Teachers

2. Primary Teachers – English, Maths

3. TGTs – English, Science, Maths and Hindi

4. Center Head

Nursery Teachers

Primary Teachers