Center Head (Vidhyadhar Nagar) Desk

(Mrs.Tanvi Baweja)
Centre Head
Vidhyadhar Nagar

Welcome !

“Precooling is no more a luxury.” It not only prepares children for future career but also supports a child’s initial training through pre-school education. L.C.I.S.  is also working with the same motive. L.C.I.S.  delivers education with a clear objective to develop multiple intelligence amongst the children which makes us different from others in the pre-school education arena. The curriculum is based on Play-way and Montessori methodology and lays emphasis on honing the language, creative art, intellectual and cognitive skills, motor skills, music and nature studies.

The school offers four programme groups: Play group, Nursery, K.G. and Prep. Individual educational plans are designed for children with special needs. Teachers here are trained regularly and updated with the latest developments to help the students study and understand better. L.C.I.S.  provides fun environment which helps the toddlers to grasp the basic learning easily. Major benefits which influence the parents to step into L.C.I.S.  are:-

·         The school believes in parental involvement.

·         Basic qualities of self-dependence like dressing up, eating food themselves easily, keeping up cleanliness, etc. are trained here.

·         Interaction with toddlers helps the child in learning and developing the language skills and vocabulary faster.

·         Social etiquettes like sharing, exchanging, respecting elders, etc. are taught by the teachers.

·         Helps in building self-confidence of the toddlers.

·         L.C.I.S.  not only provides looking after facility of the child but also early education to the toddlers according to the age group.

·          L.C.I.S.  prepares the base for education at higher levels.

Facilities:- Sand play, water play, clay modeling, stage area, non-toxic play equipments, puppet shows, scientifically designed games to aid in learning, field trips summer camps, celebrations, etc.


Moreover, the idea of a best preschool varies from parent to parent, as their requirements are different. Still L.C.I.S. would advise each and every parent to kindly visit the school premises once before any decision…..