Our Mission

The School aims at developing the moral, intellectual and physical qualities of the children and instilling in them a strong social sense, the school is fully aware of the great responsibility of laying down the very foundation of the child’s intellectual formation. Hence the curricular has been so arranged as the achieve this object. Love and firmness will go hand in hand to direct the young mind and hearts entrusted to its care, However, parents and guardians are expected to do their part in co-operating with the school enforcing regularity and discipline on their children or ward. The greater the co-operation between home and school the more fruitful will the education effort be and the faster and sure the child’s progress.

AS a first step in this direction we earnestly recommend that the parents and guardians familiarize themselves with the following:-

  •   Parents and guardians may visit the teachers of their wards only on the last Saturday of every month. They should not visit their wards or the teachers in the classroom. In urgent cases they should contact the office.
  •   Criticism of students, teachers of his school in the presence of the child should be studiously avoided, as it is likely to harm him/her, in case of a legitimate complaint by all means see the principal.
  •   Children who are ill should not be sent to school to attend class or take the tests.
  •   Withdrawal of your wards from classes for social functions or personal reasons is not recommended because it harms their studies.