Rules & Regulation

Values are taught in the classroom to help our students to:
• Develop a love of learning
• Pursue excellence and high standards
• Develop care and respect for themselves and others
• Take pride in their work
• Exhibit a strong sense of fairness and social justice
• Have respect for and understanding of the cultures and experiences of a multicultural society

All Parents are expected to:
• Keep their child at home, in case of any infectious diseases ,till the danger of infection is over.
• Attend PTM regularly
• Avoid sending expensive gift items/ cakes/chocolates etc for birthday celebration at the school.
• Send the child to the school in school uniform on their birthdays, no fancy dress is allowed on birthdays.
• Sign all the important documents sent by the school and any note given by the teacher in the school almanac.

All Students are expected to:
• Attend school every day • Be in class on time and prepared to learn
• Maintain a neat appearance and follow the school uniform policy
• Behave safely, considerately and responsibly including when travelling to and from school
• Follow class rules, speak courteously and cooperate with instructions and learning activities
• Treat teachers, other students and members of the school community with dignity and respect
• Care for property belonging to themselves, the school and others.
• Follow the path of honesty, truthfulness and peruse knowledge and good values as their main motto
• Avoid loitering aimlessly in corridors, run about shout in campus
• Bringing expansive watches, cameras, mobiles, I-pods, pen drives etc. are strictly prohibited
• Any behavior that infringes on other people's safety such as harassment, bullying or any illegal behavior will not be tolerated at our school at all.